Bale Track

Bale Track is an automated RFID tagging system for hay bales. During the automated tagging process a unique number is assigned to each bale. This bale can then be tracked along with available data such as PIC number, GPS location, hay type, harvest time and date, weight and *moisture content.

The tag allows the bale to be tracked anywhere in the world and authorised users can access information on any bale through an online database. The location of bales can be traced per bale to their exact point of origin.

When available, additional information can also be recorded for each bale including: Relative Feed Value, Metabolisable Energy (ME),Net Energy Lactation (NEL), Protein, Digestability, NDF, ADF, WSC, Fat, Lighin, Ash, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Sodium, Potasium, Sulphur, Chlorine, Non Protein, Nitrogen, Mould count, Yeast count, Preservative, Dose Rate, Ambient temperatue, Relative Humidity and Chemicals used.

The Bale track system has many advantages including the ability for feed purchasers to authenticate and track their inventory and have immediate access to exact information for any bale at any time. It also allows for the identification and tracing of problem feed quickly an inexpensively. The system also increases accountability for feed producers.

The Bale Track RFID tagging system allows for the bulk registration, logging and tracking of feed inventory in and out of storage and transport facilities.

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*when used in conjunction with a Gazeeka Moisture Gauge.


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